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  1. There is actually a reason for that sword to be so broadly presented out of nowhere. Like at that last fight against Kiss-Shot began in the stadium, I was just like: "Why doesn't she just use that sword they set up and kills him with ease?" - And then I was like "aaaaaaaaaa" So her not using the sword at all just contrasts the seeming purpose of that last fight and lets the viewers figure out the truth for themselves.

    I kind of get why Araragi becomes so repelling to you two when we see him at his lowest, but for me that just made him that much more relatable, that much more human and that much more of a character I wanted to follow along. I really admire the subtle human details in this film, how Araragi acts, his back and forth as he is torn between the fornts of an inner conflict. You just don't get that sort of dedication to those moments in the series.

    Also, how come YOU DIDN'T TALK ABOUT THAT MUSIC? It's sooooooo good! So moody, so melancholic and just something else entirely.

    The boob-fondeling scene for me just illustrated how much both of them were on a totally different page from the beginning. As Araragi is just your casual horny teenager, Hanekawa actually wanted something out of their intimate relation. And this gets further discussed and brought up in the series, as in the ending of Hanekawas Tiger-Story in the Second Season. It just made sense to me, yet sudden twists and shifts of power in that scene still came out of nowhere and were an absolute blast to watch - just makes the dialogue and interaction so dynamic.

    What can I say? I love this film. It was my first entry into this series and I'm a big fan of it ever since. I tried watching Bakemonogatari first, but it just wasn't engaging enough to pull me in. Kizumonogatari did the job just that much better for me. It made me really curious as to where the show was going from there.

    But I guess that's just my take on it.

    I hope I can add something to the discussion.

    • I want to be clear, I find Araragi repellent mostly because he does the things that my morality keep me from doing. He is my sublimated fear of failure to be a good person made manifest in an excessively sexy quasi-harem anime, so it's recognition and not alienness driving the negative feelinsg, at least for me.

      Apologies for not talking about the music, though! Sometimes I remember to pay attention, but too often I let it fade into the background and that's on me as a critic.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting! You should write into the show if you have any more thoughts like this. You can back me up about Bakemonogatari being a somewhat off-putting way to get sucked into the world of the Monogatari Series.

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