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Episode 03 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. The current state of anime podcasts is unsustainable. On the one hand are podcasts that cater to the fandom by obsessing over references, moe, and fan service without truly engaging in the artistic and thematic content of the medium. On the other are podcasts that cater to the industry with production figures and pedigree, informative to other insiders but inaccessible to the average listener. What is necessary, now more than ever in this new age of internet content, is a podcast that provides a disruptive median that realigns the praxis of anime discourse online into an uncompromised synthesis of critical superego and enthusiast id. That podcast will be our discussion of Patlabor 2: the Movie. Join the revolution with Ben, Andy, Duncan, and Jeff!


Patlabor 2: the Movie (0:51)

MiniPato (7:22)
Patlabor: the Movie (9:38)
Patlabor on TV (12:39)
Ghost in the Shell (1995) (24:37)
Baccano! (43:55)
WXIII – Patlabor 3: the Movie (49:15)
Mobile Police Patlabor (OVA) (1:11:03)

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That’s it! We’ll be back to our old routine the Monday after next. Tune in for our long-awaited discussion of Kino’s Journey, just in time for the remake that’s coming in the fall anime season!