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  1. I never watched Big O, but it’s a normie mainstream anime in my mind because it ran on (and was co-produced by) the Cartoon Network. Okay, it was 20 years ago, so [img-Sanae-meme], but still.

    Y’all should have watched BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!! because it turns out it’s fuckin’ great.

    • Yeah, that’s a product of my own circumstances. I grew up without cable, so “anime on TV” is confined in my memories to Yu-Gi-Oh! and whatever else 4Kids was feeding the WB. I had to discover all the Toonami standbys on my own time in my late teens and twenties (and generally found them to be overrated, even the good ones, which is why it took me literal decades to give the “intellectual” one, Big O, a try).

      I’ll try again to get BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!! (six exclamation points total, it seems) on Andy’s radar. It’s idol stuff, right? Should be a match.

      • Ha ha, no. Definitely not idol stuff, although that is also what I assumed before I started because I bailed out of the first BanG Dream! season years ago and ignored all of the franchise’s subsequent anime. (You don’t need to watch any of those. It’s MyGO!!!!! is all new characters.) I never would have given it a chance were it not for all the people insisting it was the best anime from the Summer 2023 anime season. It turns out they were right.

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