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Episode 133 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Well, it finally came to pass: to mark the occasion of the wider release of The Boy and the Heron, our intrepid show is doing a retrospective on Studio Ghibli. Sometimes it can feel like there's not really anything new to be said about such well-loved movies, the only anime productions ever to reach such heights as the Academy Awards, but Ben, Andy, and Duncan sure try! Going through the entire forty five-year history of the studio, which includes some of Miyazaki's pre-Ghibli work, while focusing on personal faves like My Neighbor TotoroPorco Rosso, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya make for quite an adventurous episode. Listen to see if the hosts end up finding a new strength within themselves, returning to the simpler times of yore, becoming closer to nature, or whatever else happens to protagonists of Studio Ghibli films!

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Key Frames
133 - Miyazaki's Blackstar