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Episode 89 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. You are seated at a table in a restaurant. Confident that the quality of the establishment will ensure anything you order is delicious, you choose a dish you do not recognize. It’s steak, after all. How strange can it really get? It’s only when a round patty of cold meat arrives at your table that you realize the enormity of your error. Snatching at the sleeve of a passing server, you urgently whisper, “Excuse me? This steak tartare is cold.” “Of course,” he replies. “Were you expecting something more… mainstream?” Two tables over, feasting contentedly on bizarre French cuisine, Ben, Andy, Duncan, and Jeff discuss anime’s relationship with media culture at large and why there aren’t more breakouts like Studio Ghibli and your name.

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Key Frames
Key Frames
89 - The Gazpacho Is Cold